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Driving to and from the airport can be one of the most stressful aspects of air travel. Attempting to drive yourself requires you to find a parking spot in the overnight lot, which will likely put you far away from the terminal. You may then need to wait for an airport transfer to pick you up and take you to a gate that still might be further from your airline than you’d like.

All of this can add an hour or more to your travel time. And attempting to find someone willing to take you to the airport has its own problem. With this, you rely on someone you trust to pick you up on time. While they can drop you off at the right gate, it isn’t always easy finding someone who will take you to the airport. Not to mention, most airport shuttle pickups are even more troubling.

Fighting through crowds at the arrival gate or baggage claim is more than a small headache.  Renting a van or bus with Phoenix Transportation makes life easier, and with all the stress of air travel, airport transfers can be the difference between an enjoyable travel experience and a complete nightmare.

Luxury Airport Transfer At Your Disposal

When booking an airport transfer, you never have to worry. This is because we have everything taken care of. With an airport transfer scheduled ahead of time everything is stress free and easy. Some of the many benefits of airport transfer are:

  • Pickup from your home or hotel
  • Drop-off at the correct terminal
  • Always on time
  • Comfortable, relaxing vehicle
  • No more fighting traffic
  • Avoid fighting for a taxi or booking a ride share service
  • You don’t pay for long-term parking

Pickup Where I Need It

There are a number of shuttle services out there, but many of these require a passenger to be dropped off at a specific location. That means it’s still necessary to book a ride to the shuttle pick-up location. Instead, with the airport transfer, we can pick you up directly from your home or hotel. This saves time, which is valuable whenever dealing with airport travel.

Correct Terminal Drop-Off

When flying out of an airport, it can be difficult and even confusing at times knowing which airline flies out of which terminal. Being dropped off at the wrong one can quickly eat up an hour or more if it’s necessary to grab an airport shuttle and travel to the correct terminal. With Phoenix Transportation, it is possible to be dropped off at the correct terminal because the driver knows which airlines fly out of which terminals.

Always On Time

Some ride share services aren’t always dependable when it comes to being on-time.  This can result in missing a flight or standing around baggage claim for an extended period of time after flying all day. With the airport transfer, you will always be picked up on time.

Comfortable, Relaxing Airport Shuttle Vehicle

After being stuffed on a crowded airplane, it’s nice to have ample space inside the vehicle. There is plenty of space to store your belongings in the large luggage rack and just decompress before or after the flight.

No More Fighting Traffic

Dealing with airport traffic is a mess. Thankfully, with an airport shuttle, you don’t have to expend any stress driving!  Many times, buses can use dedicated lanes, which will make travel smoother than riding in a car.  

Avoid Taxi and Ride Shares

Standing in line for a taxi can take almost as long as the flight, and some airports don’t even allow ride share services. With an airport shuttle, you don’t have to worry about waiting or being stranded!  You also know that all of our rides are customized to your liking, whether that be completely quiet or playing your favorite music!

Airport Transfer Services

With an airport shuttle life is so much easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming or going, renting with Phoenix Transportation reduces stress and saves time. Contact us today to book your next airport shuttle or rental!

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