Graduation Night Outings

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Wrad nights are special to graduates as they signify the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new, exciting one. When you’re planning  grad night tours to celebrate your loved one’s achievement, whether it’s a trip to Disneyland, Universal Studios, the beach, or any other graduation party venue, there are many different details to handle. Perhaps the most critical one, though, is how the entourage will make their way to – and back from – party destinations safely.
To make this once-in-a-lifetime moment grander, you should consider renting one or some of our charter bus rentals from Phoenix Transportation. With one of our prom party buses, you’re guaranteed to arrive at your party venues in style.

Reasons for Choosing a Charter Bus Rental for your Grad Night Trips

Fun For Everyone

If you’re the grad student’s parent/guardian, the probability is that you’re going to miss out on most of the fun if you’re the designated driver. From keeping an eye on the GPS and looking for parking space to watching the clock and making sure everyone arrives at the party venue on time, there are many things that could prevent you from enjoying your grad night trip.

With our charter bus rental, everyone will get to enjoy all of the grad night trips as our competent drivers and logistics specialists normally handle all the nitty-gritties of group travel. In case of any emerging questions during your trip, you can contact our customer support to solve them all for you. In other words, there will be nothing else for you to do or worry about, except for enjoying a smooth trip.

On-time Transportation

One of the major challenges that people face when traveling separately is there are always delays. The risk of getting stuck in traffic, picking the wrong route, or missing connections is very high when traveling individually to the party venue. When using our charter bus rentals, all party-goers get to arrive at the party venue together, which enables everyone to participate in the planned activities jointly.

Travel in Superior Comfort

For those without personal cars, taking grad night trips through public transportation is no comfortable way to enjoy such longed-for trips. Even those who own cars may not enjoy a comfortable ride if they offer to take friends and good neighbors along. Riding in our charter bus rentals, on the other hand, allows everyone to travel in superior comfort, thanks to the wide aisles and big seats with lots of legroom that our comfortable buses come with.

100% Safe and Secure Travel

Recent data reveals that charter bus safety is higher compared to many other common forms of travel. If you’ve planned a grad night trip for 50 people, it’s riskier to have all of them drive to different destinations in their own cars. This is especially the case if there will be some merry-making and drinking going on.

The best way to get everyone to party venues in one piece is to have travel in a charter bus. In addition to being safe to ride in, riding in a charter bus is also much cheaper. This is because as passengers can share the rental and travel costs as opposed to shouldering the travel costs alone.

Celebrate SF Graduation with Grad Night Tours

At Phoenix Transportation, the safety of our passengers is our highest priority. We not only have licensed and competent drivers, but we also ensure that all our charter bus rentals are in compliance with federal standards.

Are you ready to book your charter bus rental today? Contact us or call as us at (415) 740-5210 for more information on how we can make your grad night trips fun, comfortable, and safe.

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Phoenix Transportation provides the best in both safety and luxury for all of your San Francisco Bay area traveling needs.  Our charter buses and vans are always clean and well maintained to make sure your party travels safely and comfortably!  We have a wide variety of vehicle options to choose from for your custom needs.  Our team of drivers are professional, expertly trained, and ready to take the stress out of travel.  On top of that, our vehicles have a wide array of amenities that will make the travel time as fun as the event itself! 

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