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California is filled with wineries, small farms, and microbreweries — it’s almost too much to taste. Yet, even as a local, these nearby getaways can be out of reach. Drivers must consider traffic, search for transportation, or coordinate with a group to attend. For corporate events, compound these issues by the number of employees involved.

Phoenix Transportation is here to help with custom tours for both small and large groups in high-quality charter buses and vans. Create a tour that matches your specific company’s needs for entertainment, education, and of course, productivity when you select the locations you want to visit and skip those that don’t appeal. Build-in your balance between work and play in buses that come complete with power outlets and wifi on board, allowing employees to stay in touch in comfort and ease.   Perhaps you’re planning a tour for a group of your closest friends?  Let Phoenix Transportation bring everyone safely and comfortably on your next vineyard or microbrewery tour!  

With the help of Phoenix Transportation, the most difficult part of planning is deciding on the destination, and here are a few California favorites.

San Francisco Microbreweries

 Few can think of a better tour location than the San Francisco for microbreweries!  Let Phoenix Transportation make it even better by alleviating the need to find parking! San Francisco has a history of beer, considered by many to be the home of the original microbrew. Consider exploring the 30 breweries in San Francisco proper that are part of the official San Francisco Brewers Guild, or just choose a select few.  Forget the need to find a designated driver! 

Napa Valley

The ultimate destination for wine lovers, Napa is easy to access from either San Francisco or Sacramento airports and home to an astounding 400+ wineries. There is a limitless tour list to eat locally grown goods and samples famous wines including sparkling wines, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Merlot, and the world-famous Cabernet Sauvignon. And don’t forget that gorgeous scenery that can be enjoyed both in-person and also from the vehicle windows during the drive.

Temecula Valley

This southern California wine oasis has been a long-time go-to destination, with sunshine and grapevines galore. Temecular features over 30 different wineries that offer “award-winning and artisan Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir.” In addition to wine, surprise the employees with a side trip to Balboa Park or even Universal Studios.

From Napa wineries to Bay-area microbreweries to Temecula barrel tastings you’ll find the best that California has to offer. Schedule your next outing with reliable transportation to ensure your event is both successful and safe with your custom charter rental van or bus service. And remember — taste responsibly!

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