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Weddings are perhaps one of the most exciting days a couple and their family will have together.  And yet, few couples take enough time to ensure that their guests have adequate wedding transportation to and from the venue. Whether you’re planning the event in a local garden or a remote vineyard, transportation will be critical to the success of your wedding.

In most cases, you’ll be coordinating the arrival of dozens or hundreds of guests from many different areas. You may also be looking for a convenient, yet effective transportation option for the bridal party. Instead of the stress of having everyone drive themselves, consider hiring a bus charter. Phoenix Transportation provides quality, comfortable, and affordable charter buses for your entire wedding guest list. From the bridal party itself to buses for wedding guests, we offer multiple vehicles to choose from so that your special day is a success.

Why Hire a charter bus for your wedding transportation?

Replacing multiple vehicles and undersized limousines with a charter bus can benefit your big day in the following ways:

Avoid delays on your Special Day

One of the hardest things to do when planning a wedding is ensuring that everyone is on time. Because you’ll be working with your extended family, in-laws, and friends, getting everyone to be at a particular place and time can be challenging. You can ease stress by using charter buses to transport you and your guests on the wedding day. Simply specify to us where you would like the bus and driver to be- and at what time.

We offer a door-to-door service and give your bridal party the freedom to take pictures, make stops, and carry out any other relevant tasks. In this way, you eliminate the possibility of car trouble, people getting lost, and other events that may result in delays. Delays during your big day may ruin the entire mood and throw off your planned activities.

A Comfortable Transport Solution for Weddings

On a special occasion such as a wedding, it’s important for everyone to travel in style. Our charter buses are modern, stylish, and comfortable. There’s enough legroom for your tall guests to stretch and your bridal party to adjust their dresses.

Furthermore, each bus comes with reclining seats, power outlets to keep your devices charged, and Wi-fi to post all those beautiful wedding photos. And if transporting guests or the wedding party over a long distance, our buses also come with DVD players and multiple monitors.

Save on Cost with a Party Bus for Wedding Transportation

You’d be surprised just how much you can save by hiring charter buses for your wedding. Instead of having everyone drive and ending up with a logistical nightmare, you can keep all activities organized by shuttling your guests in charter buses. Using this option reduces any additional costs, like parking, that you may incur just to help your friends and family get to the wedding location on time.

Using a charter bus allows you to predict the transportation cost in advance so you can plan accordingly. No more last-minute expenses for gas or hiring a vehicle because some guests are stranded.

Customizable Transportation options for your Wedding Guests

At Phoenix Transportation, we know that every wedding is unique and special. This is why we let you specify the types of services you would like, and we work with you to make your plans a reality. Whether you desire multiple buses with different features or extended rental periods, we’re ready to help you make the wedding planning process less stressful.

We’d be honored to help you on your big day!  Contact us today to discuss reservation options.

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Phoenix Transportation provides the best in both safety and luxury for all of your San Francisco Bay area traveling needs.  Our charter buses and vans are always clean and well maintained to make sure your party travels safely and comfortably!  We have a wide variety of vehicle options to choose from for your custom needs.  Our team of drivers are professional, expertly trained, and ready to take the stress out of travel.  On top of that, our vehicles have a wide array of amenities that will make the travel time as fun as the event itself! 

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